Adjudicated Properties

Louisiana law allows the governmental body having jurisdiction over property that has been adjudicated in excess of three years.

The Parish is authorized to only sell property that has been adjudicated since January 1, 1975, which is defined as immoveable property on which the property taxes were not paid and which was not purchased at the subsequent tax sale and considered surplus or no longer needed by the Parish for a public purpose.

Failure to Pay Delinquent Taxes

Properties adjudicated to the Parish are sold with the intention of restoring them to the property tax rolls. If delinquent taxes are not paid, properties are subject to be sold.

Listing of Adjudicated Properties

The Winn Parish Police Jury does not maintain a listing of adjudicated property nor do we provide large maps identifying such locations. The Winn Parish Tax Assessor’s Office located in the Winn Parish Courthouse is responsible for discovery, listing, and valuing all property in Winn Parish for ad valorem tax purposes.

Locating Adjudicated Property

If you are interested in locating Parish adjudicated property you may speak with the Winn Parish Tax Assessor’s Office. The Assessor’s Office maintains an online database which can help aid in locating adjudicated property.

Application for Purchase of Adjudicated Property

Once you have located a piece of property that is adjudicated for Parish or both Parish and City taxes, you will need to fill out an Application for Purchase of Adjudicated Property (to the right under Online Forms).

Submit the completed application along with a certified check or money order made payable to the “Winn Parish Police Jury” to our office at: 119 West Main Street Winnfield, LA 71483 or P.O. Box 951 Winnfield, LA 71483. The fee is $200 for total taxes due and $600 for appraisal. You can look at our procedures (make this a link) for more information associated with the fees.

NOTE: Due to the conditions of Louisiana Act 819, the Parish is unable to allow the donation of adjudicated property. The Procedures for Application lists each step you must take in order to complete the process.


All public sales will be held at the Winn Parish Courthouse foyer front door located at 119 West Main Street, Winnfield, LA 71483. For additional information, please contact Winn Parish Police Jury at (318) 628-5824.

Sealed Bid

To bid on a piece of Adjudicated Property you must have the bid form (make link) turned in by 2:00 p.m. the day before the sale. Your bid must be in a sealed envelope with the address of the property on the outside of the envelope.

Emergency Numbers

Sheriff's Office
(318) 628-4611
City Police
(318) 628-3511
Fire District #3
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City Fire
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